A challenge related to measuring success in the youth development field is the relationship between methods and effect. Demonstrable results and evidence for successful practice are lacking, causing an over-reliance on assumption and good intention.

A simple question drives the AMANDLA’s innovation and pursuit of best- practice – how can social change be achieved at scale efficiently and effectively?

We are convinced that a critical approach, a well thought through theory of change, strong measurable indicators of success, and building an evidence base are the foundations to sustainable change.

This we call AMANDLA CHANGE.


The foundation of AMANDLA CHANGE is the Theory of Change. This underpins the evaluation of needs, the development of programmes, the monitoring and evaluation of results, and the critical evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency. The combination of AMANDLA’s Theory of Change, strong implementation, strategic partnerships, thorough monitoring and evaluation and ongoing review and reflection is the recipe for AMANDLA CHANGE. The results speak for themselves.

Through sharing expertise and being open to ongoing learning, AMANDLA CHANGE presents the opportunity for us to work with strategic partners in collaboratively developing programmes that achieve results.

Expansion & Sustainability

AMANDLA has established a consultancy that specialises in capacity building for organisations wanting to develop a Theory of Change, an effective monitoring and evaluation system, and programme content.

This initiative provides a funding source that when reinvested helps to make AMANDLA sustainable. Through this, AMANDLA contributes to a positive change in society and helps to build professionalism in the social sector.